Emergency Dentistry in Cookeville, TN

The Importance of Emergency Care

Why You Need Help Right Away

Emergency dental care in Cookeville can’t wait. It is important to get help right away to have the best chance of saving your tooth, to provide you with relief from your pain, and to prevent future complications that may cause more discomfort and cost you more time and money. So don’t wait. Call now at (931) 528-6536 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Taylor today.

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Common Types of Dental Emergencies

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More things count as dental emergencies than you may think. Read on to learn more!

Cracked or Broken Teeth

Dental trauma can cause a tooth to crack or break. Immediate care is needed to ensure the tooth does not become infected, to restore its appearance, and to provide you with relief from pain.

Loose or Knocked Out Tooth

If your tooth is loose or knocked out, you need to come to our office within 1-2 hours, or the tooth may die and we might not be able to replace it.


Toothaches usually indicate a tooth infection, which is a serious emergency and requires immediate care at Dogwood Family Dental.

Damage to Dental Work

If you pull out or damage a crown or filling, you need to get help right away to restore your tooth, prevent sensitivity, and get back to your day-to-day routine.

We’re Here for You

At Dogwood Family Dental, we're here for you or your family emergency needs in Cookeville.

If you need emergency care, please call us at  (931) 528-6536 to get the help you need. Dr. Taylor will see you as soon as possible.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

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Call for an Appointment

First, make sure to call Dogwood Family Dental right away to inform us about the situation. The sooner you get care, the sooner you’ll get relief, and the better the outcome will be for your case. Call now and tell us about the situation.

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Take Steps to Treat Yourself

If you’ve lost a tooth, recover it and put it into a container of cold milk. Missing or pulled-out dental work can be put into a small plastic container or baggie. You can absorb blood with clean gauze or cotton balls. Medication like ibuprofen and naproxen can help with pain, and applying an ice pack to your cheek can also provide you with relief.

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See Dr. Taylor for Treatment ASAP

Make sure you come to Dogwood Family Dental as soon as you can to get help for your condition. Dr. Taylor will recommend the right treatment and provide you with the relief you need.