Dental Crowns in Cookeville, TN

What Are Dental Crowns?

Understanding the Basics

Dental crowns are a restorative treatment for damaged or decayed teeth. A crown is basically a hollow, false tooth. It’s built out of porcelain material and looks like a natural part of your mouth. After your tooth has been trimmed, the crown is bonded to it permanently, covering your natural tooth all the way down to your gum line.

This protects the tooth, restores its shape, eliminates issues like pain and sensitivity, and more, making crowns an excellent way to restore and repair significantly damaged teeth. Contact Dogwood Family Dental now to learn more and schedule an appointment with Dr. Taylor.

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The Dental Crown Placement Process

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Placing a dental crown is minimally-invasive. Your treatment will take a few appointments over a period of about 2-3 weeks. Learn more below!

Initial Consultation

To begin the process, Dr. Taylor will need to perform an oral exam at Dogwood Family Dental to make sure you’re a good candidate for treatment with a dental crown.

Tooth Preparation & Crown Fitting

Depending on the situation, this may take place immediately after your consultation or at a separate appointment. Your mouth will be cleaned and numbed, then your tooth will be trimmed to make room for the crown. Then, images and molds of the tooth will be taken.

Making the Crown

The images and molds of your tooth will be sent to a dental lab where your crown will be built. You will be sent home with a temporary crown to protect your tooth.

Final Crown Placement

After a few weeks, your permanent porcelain crown will arrive at our office, and you’ll come in for your last appointment. Dr. Taylor will remove your temporary crown, check the fit of the porcelain crown, then bond it into place permanently.

Repair Damage & Protect Your Smile

Why Would You Need to Get a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are often used to treat large cavities that are not suitable for treatment with a filling, since large fillings are not as stable as crowns. They are also used to cover up and protect teeth after root canal therapy.

In addition to this, crowns are a great way to restore teeth that have been damaged or broken by wear and tear or dental trauma. They are also occasionally used for cosmetic purposes when alternative treatments like veneers or dental bonding are not appropriate for the situation.

Maintaining Your Dental Crown


Brush & Floss

You can treat your new crown just like a natural tooth. Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes, and floss once per day to remove food and other debris from between your teeth.

dental checkup

Get Six-Month Checkups

Make sure you come and see Dr. Taylor for six-month visits at Dogwood Family Dental. At your visit, your teeth will be cleaned and Dr. Taylor will check your teeth and your dental work to make sure your mouth is healthy.

Patient holding their nightguard

Get Help With Grinding

If you grind your teeth, you may wish to make lifestyle changes to reduce grinding. It’s also a good idea to get a nightguard from Dr. Taylor to protect your crown. Untreated grinding could weaken, crack, and damage both your crowns and your natural teeth over time.